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Mr. "Big Daddy"
A wonderful guy... we miss you already

ARTCARS Homepage - A Unique art movement that uses the automobile as their canvas

AUTHENTIC AUTO RACER- Good & services nice racing prints for sale from Artist Lawrence Gardinieras

AUTOMOBILE -ART- UK Site, beautiful vintage racing prints

ART OF THE AUTOMOBILE- Amature Artists & Art Students 1998/99 Competition. Automobile Assoc. of Canada.

AUTOMOTIVE ART BY BILL HARBORT- "Muscle on Canvas" This artist is positive his boyhood passion for machines, speed and power fueled his lifelong interest in painting portraits of American Musclecars.

AUTOMOTIVE ARTWORKS- D.A.'Bus' Bishop has been creating artwork for over 30 years. Not only is he inspired by the automotive field, but his paintings include many other genera. His award winning work has been widely exhibited thru the United States.

AUTOTRENDS - Auto, Motorcycle, Racing posters and prints for sale.

AUTO VISION- The Art of Danny Whitfield- Drawings, Paintings & Signed prints covering nearly everything Automotive. Classics, Muscle, Racing, Antique and Exotics and Future. Michigan Artist.

BAXTER AUTO ART- Welcome to Baxter AutoArt, your source for original automobile artwork. No matter what type of vehicle you own or lust after, be it a Ferrari, Chevrolet, TVR or Plymouth, Baxter AutoArt can create a drawing to meet your needs. Featuring the art of Magnus Hanton.

"BIG DADDY" Ed Roth - Official site, Biography, Home of the Rat Fink, merchandise

BLACKHAWK AUTO MUSEUM - Gallery of Automotive art

CLASSIC CAR ART- Scale model art

- Portraits of your car in watercolors and has done some pictures of cars that you can see on her website under gallery. 

- Theme specific, Auto Art, line dawings, cruisin drawings (great flyer material)

DAVE ADAMS ART- Photographic like airbrushings from an artist who has been painting for decades.

DIGITAL INVISIONS- specialize in photography for ad design and digital art. All of the cars on this site we have photographed. Then it is time to have some fun with Photoshop 4.0.

GASOLINE CLASSICS- Gasoline Classics is a unique series of carefully detailed paintings of the early years of gasoline marketing. A colorful and authentic collection of classic and custom cars in settings from the 1920's to the 1960's.All prints are signed by the artist

HOTROD ART- WOW! Beautiful works of Limited edition prints, posters, collectables. Over 30 great artists works cover: Classics, Hot Rods, Customs, Muscle, Cycles, Racing and nostalgia.

EWA- vintage racing prints, auto related merchandise, books,models-great site.

MAD MAX -Classic Cars and Muscle Car Prints and Pics by MaddMax

M.DAVIDSON LTD. - Automotive Fine Art

MOTOGRAPHIX - Fine Art / detailed pencil drawings celebrating the history of the motorcycle.Fantastic renderings. Prints available.

MOTOBOONN - Motobonn is devoted to providing automotive related products and accessories such as calendars, note cards, posters and apparel. .Michigan based site

MOVIE POSTER SHOP- Auto, Nostalgia, Racing prints.

THE GUILD OF MOTORING ARTISTS- UK Site, Vintage and Contemporary
Racing Prints, Motorcycle and much more.

THOM PETERSON- Thom Petersen brings the classic and nostalgic cars of the past into clear focus in his Fine Art paintings.

REPLICARZ- Die cast and model car replicas

RED LION PRODUCTIONS - Vintage Auto Racing Posters and Photos

ROADSTERS - Auto, Race and Motorcycle Artist links

ROHAN DAY- Hot Rods, Great T-Shirt Artist!!!

RUMPSVILLE - Site featuring interview with George Barris. Articles and links on Von Dutch, Big Daddy Ed Roth, Norm Grabowski.

STREET RIDER AUTOMOBILE PORTRAITS- Your classic ride on canvas, digital art and retouching.

SKYLINE - Classic '50's & 60's themed Auto Art, prints for sale.

VANTEES GRAPHICS-Custom artwork, specializing in automotive designs.

VON DUTCH- The Life and Times (article by Bob Burns).

NICOLAS WATTS- Classic automotive and impressionism

WILKINSON ILLUSTRATION - Great Hot Rod Caracature and Color illustration


ZOT-ART- Will draw your vehicle. Stippled Pen and Ink media.





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